What keeps you up at night regarding your business?

How do I reach more people?

Navigating the Social Media waters as well as mass email marketing can be overwhelming, but we are adept at creating eye-catching emails and creating websites that bring in customers.  We also help you track metrics to know which customers are interested in your product and just need a personal touch to make them a repeat customer.

Where do I even start with creating a website?

First step, contact us!  From start to finish, we will create a website specifically designed for your company and industry in mind.  The first step is we  meet with you to find out what is important to you on a website.  What are your ideas and goals for creating a website for your business?  Some use a website solely to communicate.  Others want to increase their customer base and draw in sales.  We have a team of website and graphic designers who work to make your vision a reality.

How do I take my business to the next level?

F/R Consulting is based in Six Sigma principles, so we look at your current operating procedures in regards to other successful strategies in order to suggest next steps to take your business to the next level.  This could be through updating IT tools, creating and implementing a marketing plan or training your current staff how to use tools that are already in place – just more strategically.  Whatever we put in place, we’ll also provide training and customer service tailored to your organization.

Our goal is to ensure the best ROI on your business marketing and integrity of your database management. With over 20+ years experience, we excel at streamlining your business processes through best practice. F/R Consulting provides a transparent virtual IT and marketing office to self-employed representatives and small businesses.

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